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In-Person Shops

How do you stack up? Are your staff well trained? Are there concerns over performance? An anonymous mystery shopper can visit your business location to collect first-hand observations.

In-Person Shops allow a mystery shopper to visit a location and report back on face-to-face interactions, including first impressions of location and staff, and how the staff interacted with the mystery shopper and other customers. These shops can be directed towards a general observation to a specific, targeted staff member. In-Person Shops can optionally record audio or video of the experience, and the shop results in a comprehensive survey with detailed reporting.


  • In-person, on-site visit

  • Impressions, observations, feelings

  • Detailed feedback

  • Audio recorded (optional)

  • Video recorded (optional)

  • Targeted representative (optional)

  • Comprehensive survey

  • Detailed reporting

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