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Why Use Evaluation Shoppers

No matter the industry, successful businesses need the right tools to operate properly. Mystery shopping is one must-have tool that effectively determines strengths and weaknesses in many areas. It utilizes the most critical, yet beneficial asset you have—actual customers. We are your extra set of eyes, and we know how to get more performance and revenue out of any type of business.

Why is mystery shopping a proven business technique?

Mystery shoppers can’t be identified by your employees, which can give business owners a true sense of how their sales and customer service teams function. Insights allow business owners and managers to identify opportunities and instigate further training or corrective action.

A mystery shopping service provides management with the critical information and feedback needed in order to improve customer service, and ultimately ensures that your customers keep coming back.

Here’s how mystery shopping can help your business

  • If employees understand any person is a potential mystery shopper, they have incentive to do their best.

  • Great feedback motivates employees and facilitates reward opportunities.

  • Employee training, attitude and overall performance can be assessed.

  • New procedure implementation can more effectively be introduced into the workplace.

  • Insights into customer buying preferences are revealed.

  • Gaps in loss prevention are exposed and cash transaction integrity is reinforced.

  • Feedback and insight on competition is collected—products, pricing, sales tactics and customer service are all evaluated.

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